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Our Dog Pawty | Pet Portraits

Blake and I pour our hearts into our fur babies. We do not have human babies yet, so they are literally our world! Together, we have two Siberian Huskies (Roosevelt and Ellie), and one border collie mix (Zoe). Below are some of our favorite pet portraits of our babies.

Our sweet babies are the best of friends and love having each other around. They all happen to be right around the same age too! This year, they all turned 6! Zoe and Roosevelt were born in August, and Ellie was born in December. Since Blake and I have met, we throw an annual little dog party to celebrate another year with them. We usually do it in August since 2 out of the 3 birthdays fall in this month. National dog day also falls in August – so what a perfect time for a dog party! 

Dog Pawty

We whipped up our favorite dog cake filled with peanut butter (a favorite all around in our house), applesauce, and pumpkin. Our little cakes are topped off with a greek yogurt and peanut butter (yes, all the peanut butter!) frosting and mini milk bones for sprinkles. They absolutely LOVE it!

Pet Portrait
Pet Portrait

We complemented our personal doggy cakes with Frosty Paws pup ice cream and Wiggles & Wags yogurt and peanut bones with sprinkles. It is safe to say they were some HAPPY DOGGOS!

How do you celebrate the furry friends in your life?

Do you want birthday pet portraits, or do you want to plan a special session with your fur babies? Contact me and let’s make it happen!

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