How To Make Your Child’s Session a Success

Family Session Spring Hill, TN Blog Post

A portrait session with children is just like most things in life, if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail! Most of the important details for a child’s session happens BEFORE the session! So, how can you prepare?!

Child Portrait Session by a creek in Spring Hill, TN

First, feed your children in advance…and bring SNACKS! Everybody loves snacks. And snacks always make everything better. During your family session, I strategically plan breakout sessions with different members of your family to allow for breaks. Besides being able to indulge on these snack during breaks, snacks also provide a little incentive for sweet smiles. Maybe your child is smiling at the camera, or maybe your child is smiling at the marshmallow behind the camera.

Next, bring a couple of your child’s favorite toys to your child’s session. A favorite item can bring some familiarity to a strange new situation. Also, you may want some sweet photos with your child’s beloved teddy bear. Some items can double as an activity that can help facilitate the shoot. See Liam playing with his dad’s fishing pole below at McCormick creek in Spring Hill, TN. He LOVED playing with this fishing pole, and we loved that he loved it.

Child Portrait Session with fishing pole by a creek in Spring Hill, TN

Also, if your child is old enough to understand you, consider telling them what to expect from the session and what type of behavior you expect from them. A reward can be a helpful incentive for positive behavior. It is good to establish a positive reward before the session even starts, rather than during the session. (Ex. “Liam, on Saturday we are going to have our picture taken by Miss Julie. Miss Julie is a photographer. I want you to be on your best behavior and afterwards, I will let you pick out to movie we watch for family movie night!”) Setting this reward before your child’s session can save you from resorting to bargaining with your child during you session.

Finally, you know your child best. Let me know what types of things work for you and your child, and I will follow your lead. Family sessions can be wild, but they’re SO fun and so worth it! And that leads me to my last piece of advice…just have fun with it! As always, you can contact me to start planning your family session!

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