Tips For Your Newborn Session

Newborn Session Tips

First of all, congratulations if you’re expecting or if you just brought your little one into this world! I would love to help you plan to capture such a special time in your life. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you tips for your newborn session to be the most successful.

Newborn Session Tips

First, plan ahead!

Reach out to plan your newborn session well in advance. Keep your photographer well informed of your expected due date. The ideal time to schedule your newborn’s session is within the first week of life. After this first week, your baby will begin to have longer wake periods and it may be more difficult to capture those sleepy little moments. Keeping your photographer well informed of when your baby’s birth may occur will make scheduling your session easier. It’s okay if you’re unable to schedule your newborn session in the first week of life. There are still some magical shots that we can capture when your baby is more awake!

Be flexible!

Just go with the flow. I allot more than enough time to capture images during a newborn session. It’s typical for a newborn session to last about 2 hours. This allows us time for breaks. We will be needing breaks for feeding, diaper changes, outfit changes, and just for soothing baby. Maybe you just need a little break, too, mama! I get it. I am very patient and take my time during these sessions.

Newborn Session Tips

Prep your home!

My newborn sessions are lifestyle type sessions that normally occur in the client’s home. That being said, you should prep your home for your session. I realize that coming home with a newborn baby is hard! So, attempt to prep your home the best that you can before baby is here. Have the spots that we will be shooting in clean and reduce any unnecessary clutter. Also, try to have some help come in the day of or the day before your session. Arrange this help in advance! Maybe you need someone else present to watch your baby so that you can do your hair and makeup. Maybe you need someone to help with your pets during the session. An extra pair of hands is always helpful.

Newborn Session Tips

Keep it simple!

Choose neutral colors or simple prints. Opt for solid crib sheet and bed sheet colors. We want the focus to be on you and your family. Busy prints or bold colors can be distracting in photos. Lighter, neutral colors give a softer and lighter feel. Have backup outfits, swaddles, and sheets available.

Newborn Session Tips

Look for the good light.

I am a natural light photographer. I much prefer the way natural light looks in my images rather than artificial light. Watch the light in your home! Keep an eye on what time the most light is filling the areas of your home that we will be shooting in. Whatever time the light is the best is the time that we will plan your session for.

Newborn Session Tips

Be ready to feed baby!

The best time to start shooting is right after baby has eaten. Ideally, you should plan to feed your baby right before or right as the session is starting. We should also take some time during the session to have feeding breaks. Take care of any diaper changes before you begin to feed baby. Have a sound machine or pacifier present to help soothe baby in between feedings.

Lastly, just relax! 🙂

As a NICU nurse, I know how to safely and properly handle infants. I also work with postpartum moms frequently, so I understand how you may be feeling. I’m here to help you every step of the way! At the end of the day, you’ll have beautiful photos of your newborn baby to cherish forever. As always, you can contact me to begin planning for you newborn session today.

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